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About BT Martel & Co

About BT Martel & Co

Who We Are

BT Martel & Co is a company that exists to be at the forefront of thought. Our research, products and services are the building blocks for the advancements in a number of key and emerging industries. It is our goal to make & do things that will move things forward & connect people.

What We Do

We utilize leading-edge technology and our own unique, human faculties to approach markets and real world challenges. It’s our approach which separates us from the rest. We use both our hearts and minds to ask the right questions, which opens the door for the right answers & solutions. We’re not just in the business of making money, we’re here to raise the bar and inspire people to reach their greatest potential through innovation and working together.

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Media, Press & Interviews
For all media/press and interview requests with BT Martel, please contact:
[email protected]

Speaking Engagements
To book BT Martel for a speaking engagement contact:
[email protected]

Coaching & Other General Inquiries
For personal or team development coaching from BT Martel contact:
[email protected]

Idea & Manuscript Submissions
BT Martel & Co is currently not accepting unsolicited submissions of any kind, whether that be manuscripts or general ideas. Any submissions sent through any medium will be ignored and or sent back to the sender.

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