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The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch

Be more effective with less effort by learning how to identify and leverage the 80/20 principle: that 80 percent of all our results in business and in life stem from a mere 20 percent of our efforts. The 80/20 principle is one of the great secrets of highly effective people and organizations. Did you know, for example, that 20 percent of customers account for 80 percent of revenues? That 20 percent of our time accounts for 80 percent of the work we accomplish? The 80/20 Principle shows how we can achieve much more with much less effort, time, and resources, simply by identifying and focusing our efforts on the 20 percent that really counts. Although the 80/20 principle has long influenced today’s business world, author Richard Koch reveals how the principle works and shows how we can use it in a systematic and practical way to vastly increase our effectiveness, and improve our careers and our companies. The unspoken corollary to the 80/20 principle is that little of what we spend our time on actually counts. But by concentrating on those things that do, we can unlock the enormous potential of the magic 20 percent, and transform our effectiveness in our jobs, our careers, our businesses, and our lives.

Paperback book.
ISBN: 978-0385491747
Release Date: Oct 19th 1999
Price Last Update: Nov 7 2021

The Mysticism of Sound and Music: The Sufi Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

The first teacher to bring Islamic mysticism to the West presents music’s divine nature and its connection to our daily lives in this poetic classic of Sufi literature. Music, according to Sufi teaching, is really a small expression of the overwhelming and perfect harmony of the whole universe—and that is the secret of its amazing power to move us. The Indian Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882–1927), the first teacher to bring the Islamic mystical tradition to the West, was an accomplished musician himself. His lucid exposition of music’s divine nature has become a modern classic, beloved not only by those interested in Sufism but by musicians of all kinds.

Paperback book.
ISBN: 978-0452298552
Release Date: Oct 30th 2012
Price Last Update: Nov 4 2021

Healing at the Speed of Sound by Don Campbell

Drawing on a decade’s worth of groundbreaking brain science and research, bestselling author Don Campbell and sound expert Alex Doman’s Healing at the Speed of Sound® provides practical advice, exercises, and over 100 interactive links that help you create the perfect soundtrack for every task and enjoy a full, rich, and truly harmonious life.
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Paperback book.
ISBN: 978-0452298552
Release Date: Oct 30th 2012
Price Last Update: Nov 4 2021

Oneness by Rasha

Every now and then a book comes along that is so powerful that words cannot describe the experience people start having when they read it. These rare, life-changing books always seem to show up at the perfect moment in time, exactly when we all need it the most. Oneness is such a book–one that will change your life.


Paperback book.
ISBN: 978-0965900317
Release Date: Feb 15th 2006
Price Last Update: Oct 30 2021

How To Grow Your Own Food (Interactive eBook)

An interactive eBook about creating sustainability by growing your own food.

Interactive eBook
ISBN: 978-1-7334958-1-3
Release Date: June 10th 2021

Flowstate: Living in your flow (Interactive eBook)

An interactive eBook about the flowstate and living in your creative energy.

Interactive eBook
ISBN: 978-1-7334958-0-6
Release Date: May 31st 2021

Mastering The Elements: A Path To True Love

A self improvement book exploring the 5 Elements of Creation and how they can be harnessed to find your true self and your true soulmate.

Paperback book. Digital version included.
ISBN: 978-1-7334958-9-9
Release Date: Nov 1st 2019

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