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Mastering The Elements: A Path To True Love


A self improvement book exploring the 5 Elements of Creation and how they can be harnessed to find your true self and your true soulmate.


Paperback book. Digital version included.
ISBN: 978-1-7334958-9-9
Release Date: Nov 1st 2019

BT Martel

Author of “Mastering the Elements” and “Flowstate” BT Martel’s message is shared through multiple disciplines of creativity from his music to his writing and creative businesses. He has dedicated much of his work addressing the importance of mastering the flow by being a true student of life, listening to the universe and connecting to his intuitive abilities. His relationship with his work is centered in discipline, love and ultimate truth.

"This conversational guide to self-mastery is a catalyst for those who are on their own journeys, whether on a mission for self-discovery, spiritual alignment, or simply a fresh outlook on life and the love that surrounds us all."

Chelsie Bennett

I really enjoyed reading your book, especially all the parts of your story and the fantastic outro bonus chapter. Your book has helped deepen my understanding the nuances of what we can learn from our elemental teachers".


"The ending about how this reading might possibly bring the magic back is what feel like this reading did for me. I feel confident that I’ll soon be re learning old lessons I’ve forgotten and be on the right path. Thank you so much for this I’m looking forward to reading anything else you write! I loved it".


"I just want to thank you, much what you said deeply resonated with me. I believe it came at the right time and I can’t wait for my journey to continue with internal and external growth! You truly are a communicator of wisdom and light. Thank you again".



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