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Oneness by Rasha


Every now and then a book comes along that is so powerful that words cannot describe the experience people start having when they read it. These rare, life-changing books always seem to show up at the perfect moment in time, exactly when we all need it the most. Oneness is such a book–one that will change your life.

Paperback book.
ISBN: 978-0965900317
Release Date: Feb 15th 2006
Price Last Update: Oct 30 2021

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Looking back I just realized I ordered this book on 11/22 of 2011 and for those of you who see the 11:11 phenomenon you will understand. This book was written in the 1990s and majority of its prophecies have and are coming true. This book is about the global Spiritual Awakening occurring around the world and so this speaks to all religions all faiths. This book is transformative for those who read it

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